Plan for Feb 25-March 4

We have to make a plan to make the transition from down south to Mound City. With all of the weather issues, where we hunt on March 5th is where we are going to be hunting until March 21. There can be only one place for and it has to be Mound City. While the southern area is holding large numbers of birds now, typically what happens is when Mound City opens up the birds leave those southern areas for Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

Here is what we are going to do.

1. Those whose first day of your hunt is Feb 26-March 1 will be hunting in Marshall, MO for all of your days. Please make your reservations at…
Marshall Lodge
1335 West Vest Street
Marshall, MO 65340-9686
(660) 886-2326
2. Those whose first day is March 3rd and later will be in Mound City. I’m confident with the weather forecast that the snow will be gone and birds will be arriving in the next several days. If I’m wrong then we will have to postpone some hunts. If we stayed in the Marshall area, when all the birds move up to Mound City we will have to postpone hunts. Hopefully the snow geese like my plan and do as I’m predicting. Only time will tell.

I entered this year with a lot of options. I bought a bunch of new equipment and hired several new guys to keep things running smoothly. With all of the postponements we had to do, all of those options are used up. We only can do what the weather will allow us to do. Temps are suppose to be in the upper 30’s to low 40’s for the next several days. That has to move birds up into our Mound City area.