This is turning out to be very interesting weather this year. I have been thinking back and I can’t remember a year where we have not had a good number of snow geese within a reasonable distance of Mound City by now. Today two truckloads of guide drove all day looking for a large concentration of snow geese. We think we may have found some however we are also suppose to be getting 6-8 inches of snow over most of the northern and central parts of Missouri. I’m not yet sure what that is going to do to those birds. To add to the frustration is the fact they are in an area that is fairly remote and it is hard to get close enough to the bird to see how many there actually are in that area. Our plan is to let this storm roll through the area then go back to check what remains.

Those of you that are hunting through Feb 28 with us will be getting a call Sunday 2/21/10 and we’ll talk about options. We are just going to have to let this weather play itself out and adjust accordingly. It is what it is…the coldest start I have ever had. There is nothing you or I can do to change it.

I would also like to apologize to those of you that were confused by the answering machine on the Missouri phone. We have not moved to South Dakota. It is the message from the end of the 2009 spring. This weather has me on the road so much scouting birds that I just forgot that the message wasn’t updated for the 2010 spring. It is now.