Month: March 2009

We got snow!

I thought we were going to luck out. Forecast was for a 9-14 inches of snow on Monday however at 8 pm Monday night the weather hadn’t hit. When we woke this morning we had snow. The extended forecast looks like a warming trend which should have the snow melted by the weekend.

Some Juvy Snow Geese

So far weather conditions for our South Dakota hunts have not been great. Hunting has been slow. Today it appears that some juvy and Ross moved into the area. There was a lot of snow geese migrating north. Tomorrow I’m hoping will be a decent day. Monday forecast is for more snow. Hopefully they miss … [Read More]

Weather Update

Although gloomy with a drizzle today we didn’t get the massive amount of rain they were forecasting for us. This should help our snow goose hunters.

Bring Waders!!

Today was the first day of our South Dakota hunts. Snow goose hunting was slow today but the weather was less than ideal. Tomorrow we are supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow with wind gusts of 40 mph. Fields are very muddy…bring waders.

The Last Day in MO

Today is our last guided hunt in MO for the season. All we lost birds on the refuge but hunting success remained high. Yesterday almost everything that left the refuge didn’t come back. Mike and Tryg drove up to SD yesterday. There are lots of birds and lots of water in all of the fields. … [Read More]

What A Day Over The Snow Goose Decoys!

If you would have asked me how today was going to turn out I would have said ¬†slow. Very cold start to the day however WOW did the snow goose hunter stack up the birds today. High field was 216 (pic above) with a total harvest of 588 snow geese. Huge snow goose migration today.On … [Read More]

2nd Snow Storm of the Year

The 2nd storm of the year swept through the area on Sat. Snow goose hunting prior to this storm has been good. Since the storm hunting has slowed. There are mainly adults with very few juvys in the snow goose flocks flying over our decoy spreads. Forecast for the next week looks very promising with … [Read More]