Best Day In A While

Today was the best day we had in a while. All the fields that hunted a full day were in double digits. One field hunted the afternoon shooting only 1. The thunderstorm we had was overblown. We really only had to take a couple hour break in the middle of the day. In the afternoon […]

Bubba’s Back!

Bubba and his white umbrella are back. With all the rain it is coming in handy. It’s keeping the food dry as he delivers it to the field of hunters. As I’m typing this it is flat pouring rain out. We already have a lot of rain. It is supposed to rain all night. The […]

Banded Ross

I forgot to mention yesterday we got our third band for the year. You can tell we are in adult birds when the band ratio if high. This one was a young band for white geese. It was banded as an adult in 2017. Making the bird at least 3 years old. There is a […]

Today had a cloudy and cold start. We saw a lot of birds heading south from the north…again. Guides are seeing more Ross geese but even they are not acting as you would expect. They are decoying better than the snows but there is plenty of them just blowing us off.  I know there are […]

Valentines Day

The high field today shot 22 birds while all the others had slow hunting. On the bright side 21 of the 22 were Ross geese. That is the first time we have seen any number of them. It was just in that field but it is a change. Ross geese tend to decoy better than adult […]

Monsoon Season?

The rain from yesterday continued through today and into tomorrow morning looking at the forecast. All but one of the groups hunted some part of the day. High field shot 6 but that was the only success. We need the rain to stop, sun to shine, and the wind to come from the south. The […]

Working Birds

This morning I had the first working birds in several days. Too bad it was short lived and mine was the only field to see it. We ended the day with 14 but it was nice to see birds looking at the decoys rather than just keep flying. In the afternoon a cloud bank moved […]

Pouring to Freezing

Today started out warm with rain. At times it rained really hard. The temps dropped all day until by sunset it was in the thirty’s. Tomorrow’s high is going to be in the low 30’s. All but one field called it quits by noon. One group of guys went out this afternoon. The high field for […]