Working Birds

This morning I had the first working birds in several days. Too bad it was short lived and mine was the only field to see it. We ended the day with 14 but it was nice to see birds looking at the decoys rather than just keep flying. In the afternoon a cloud bank moved in and the birds changed their toon. Also this afternoon we saw a bunch of migrators heading north. That is also the first time in several days. Most of the birds in the morning the birds were going south.

Sunday and Monday the forecast is for up to 6 inches of rain. We moved one of our decoy spreads tonight because we felt it might be inaccessible with that much rain. It took a couple of hours but I think it was the best move. Monday morning after meeting the hunters I’m heading home to take care of several things. I will be back down on Thursday. 

It is advisable to bring waders so you don’t get wet. If you have a pad to sit on in the blind then waterproof bibs and boots could work in most fields. I think it is always a good idea to have chest waders even if you never use them when you are hunting with us.