Flooding Continues

Yes, that is a flooded laydown blind. There are about 10 inches of water covering this field.  Water is right up to the bottom of the windsocks. We are going to have to do something with it.  All groups were able to hunt today because we are not 100% full this week. There are a couple of fields that are not accessible. Water is supposed to crest today or tomorrow. We got a lot of rain. Weather is out of our control so we will continue to do the best we can given the conditions. Hunting continues to be about the same. High field shot 18 snow geese today. 

I was going to head back down early in the morning however we got dumped on with snow in Iowa with a strong wind. It is blizzard conditions with many roads impassible according to the DOT. It will be best to wait until daylight to travel. Interesting weather this year. Water is still over the road going to the house so they guides will be in a motel in another night at least.