Drying Out & Getting Ready To Move North…Eventually

It takes a mountain of gear to run our hunts. Yesterday was a nice sunny warm day. Great for drying out soaked laydown blinds. 

Everybody through March 7 has made their decision on what they wanted to to do with the adverse weather in Iowa. The forecast still doesn’t look great through March 13 (as far out as my weather app shows). I hope this long-range forecast is way off. If not, those hunting March 8 – 14 will be hearing from us with options to choose from just like those schedule to hunt March 1-7. This weather in Iowa is killing us but what can be done? 

We saw plenty of birds today but less than yesterday. The conditions were less favorable for migration today. We hunted until about 10 am. Killed a few then worked the rest of the day. We about have everything cleaned up that we can and packed away. Guess we will have to hunt in the morning again.