Out Of The Swamp Into The Tundra

Groups hunting Iowa March 1-7: We are going to have to do something different due to the colder and wetter weather pattern this year. Brad will be calling you and giving you three options.

  1. You can move to Arkansas hunting anytime between Feb 24-March 3rd. Currently, there are a lot of birds in the area but success has been well below a normal year. This has been the story all season. 
  2. You can move to dates that we have open in Iowa March 8-17.
  3. You can roll the hunt to 2020.

I would like to have you talk to Brad about date changes so we keep organized but if you would like to talk with me my cell is 563-419-3572.  

Not much has changed in Arkansas. Similar results with similar weather. Rain today, tomorrow thunderstorms in the am. It will be interesting to see what happens once the storms stop. There is supposed to be a big south wind and a nearly 70-degree temp. In the past, we have had good success after a thunderstorm moves out. This will be the first south wind and warm in a long time.  I guess we will know about 6:30 pm tomorrow.