Month: March 2014

Missouri Results: March 19th, 2014

Lot of snow geese remain on the refuge. Today was pretty similar to yesterday. If the right birds flew over you got them and if the wrong ones do it was slower. High field was 89. Low field was 1. We shot 216 snow geese between all of the fields.

Missouri – 1.1 million snows

On March 17 the refuge posted a count of 1.1 million snow geese. We are starting to see more juvy and Ross geese but there is still a good number of older birds that have seen snow goose decoys spreads. Yesterday high field was 64 and low field was 2. Today as of noon high … [Read More]

Missouri Results: March 15th, 2014

Hunting snow geese was mixed results on Friday. High field was 77 snows which is great however low field was 0 which is not. Average was about 20 birds. Afternoon hunting tend to be better than the mornings. There is good numbers of snow geese in the area but it is just a matter of … [Read More]

Missouri Results: March 14th, 2014

Another solid day in the snow goose fields. No huge numbers harvest but a lot of good average snow goose hunting. Groups in the morning saw slow hunting. The mornings for the last several days have been pretty slow for most fields. The afternoon snow goose flight has been much better. High field was 49 … [Read More]

Missouri Results: March 12th, 2014

Snow goose hunting continues to improve. Today was our best day of out Missouri snow goose hunts yet. The three top fields were 44, 40, and 39. One field hunted only a half day hunt shooting single digits. All of the other fields were full day snow goose hunts and harvest ranged from the teens … [Read More]

Missouri Results: March 11th, 2014

Yesterdays snow goose hunting results we slightly better than the day before. Over the last 4 days we have seen minor improvement in the hunting. Yesterday high field was 30 snow geese. There were several groups that hunted half days and their hunting was slow. All of those snow goose hunters shot in the single … [Read More]

Missouri – Hunting Improves Some

I spent the day doing some scouting out of this area into Nebraska. The snow goose guides said that we likely lost some birds. That is not a bad thing because the birds that were here didn’t like to decoy all that well. I have creditable reports of snow geese spread from TX to Redfield, … [Read More]

Missouri – Daylight Savings Time Tonight

Meeting time changes to 5:30 am starting Sunday morning with the daylights saving time change. The 6th into the 7th there was a lot of birds moved into the area. I’m guessing Squaw Creek had to have 600-700K snow geese and Big Lake another 300-400K. Last night they all fed around the refuge. Hunting was … [Read More]

Missouri – Birds Remain In The Area

  I spent most of the morning driving around looking to see what birds were in the area. Big Lake is holding a fair number of snow geese. I would say 50-75K.  Squaw Creek had a few but not nearly as many as Big Lake. Both have some open water which is somewhat surprising given the temp’s were well below … [Read More]

Missouri – Starting Again on March 6

Those snow goose hunters that hunt March 6 or later are going to hunt as scheduled.  The low yesterday was -7 officially. My truck actually hit -10 while I was driving. Friday it was 50 degrees and birds came rolling out of the south. Saturday through yesterday there was a steady decline in bird numbers … [Read More]

Missouri – March 2nd, 2014

I’m heading back down to Mound City today. We didn’t run any hunts this weekend or Mon-Wed. We start our snow goose hunts again on Thursday. The forecast looks to be improving with temps for most of the 10 day in the 40’s or higher. Now maybe we can finally run until the end of … [Read More]