Missouri – Slower Snow Goose Hunting Continues

There are a ton of snow geese in the area right now. I would say over a million. They are not decoying very well. I glassed a snow goose flock yesterday with a fair number of juvy’s in it. I’m not sure what is going on this year but it will go down as one of our toughest snow goose seasons even if we slam them from today to the end. Yesterday two field had a high of 17 snow geese. Another field shot 16. Every other snow goose spread was in the single digits. It will change for the better at some point. I just wish that some point was two weeks ago.

I feel almost all of our struggles are weather related this year. A week ago yesterday it was -10 in Mound City. Yesterday the highest I saw on my truck was 73 degrees with no wind. The radio said tonight we are suppose to get snow and tomorrow 60.

A lot of birds have pushed well into South Dakota with the warmer temps. We really need the snow geese that are here right now to follow their lead. The better flocks to the south keep getting pushed back by the cold.