Missouri – Starting Again on March 6

Those snow goose hunters that hunt March 6 or later are going to hunt as scheduled.  The low yesterday was -7 officially. My truck actually hit -10 while I was driving. Friday it was 50 degrees and birds came rolling out of the south. Saturday through yesterday there was a steady decline in bird numbers with the very cold weather. Jim and Tryg said that saw only a few thousand birds. I expect the 40 degree weather to push some snow geese back up as they are not that far south of us. Anybody that is not comfortable with my decision can still move your dates to something later. I have room for 3 hunters March 12-14.  March 17-23 I have room groups with a full field. Guys are still calling about booking hunts. For a while I wasn’t booking anybody new to leave room for hunters to move their dates around. I’m going to start booking those groups as they call now.  There is about 2 inches of snow on the ground but it will get to 36 degrees today. Tomorrow we are suppose to get less than an inch. The 43 degrees on Thursday will take care of it all for sure.