Busy Time

We only have one group in town this weekend. Friday was a rain day. Hunters stayed into the field about 3 hours before the rain, wind, and cold got to be too much. They shot 5 birds. Saturday was a really good day. The hunters shot 110 snow geese. All of the spreads are pulled […]

March 15

  One of the fields did well today shooting 29 snow geese. The low field shot a 0. Most of the guides commented that they saw way more honkers than snows. We are in a bit of a lull in the migration of late. Tomorrow is calling for thunderstorms but a south wind. Maybe that […]

Another Slower Day

Today was the second slow day in a row. The forecast this week looks good and we know there are a number of birds south of us. We have friends that just wrapped it up in Arkansas yesterday and they were still shooting birds. I would be very surprised if we don’t get into some […]

Time Change

  Another nice day in the fields. Our high field shot 52 snow geese while the low field shot 10. The average for today was 29.6. A respectable day. It would have likely been better but the birds would hang up on us. Not really flare but just lose interest. It was happening in most […]

Solid Day

March 9: Although the wind was light the hunting was good. High field shot 60 and the low field shot 30. We also got our 4th band of the year. It was a juvy.  I ran home yesterday &  pick up the latest addition to the Up North Outdoors family early this morning. The kids, Denise, […]

Mega Feeds Out Of The Wind

Today started out with a drizzling rain with a howling wind. The geese hunkered down in low lying areas out of the wind in huge mega feeds like in this picture. We definitely got birds back from the north with the snow storm up there but they are not flying around like a normal day with […]

Ready To Roll In Iowa

We are all set and ready to kick off our last 17 days of the spring snow goose season. There are a lot of birds in the area right now so the hunters should see plenty. From the looks of the flocks that we are glassing there doesn’t seem to be an overabundance of the […]