Time Change


Another nice day in the fields. Our high field shot 52 snow geese while the low field shot 10. The average for today was 29.6. A respectable day. It would have likely been better but the birds would hang up on us. Not really flare but just lose interest. It was happening in most of the field so I think it was just the overcast sky. There is something about a sunny days that makes the birds work better.

After 7 weeks of running snow goose hunts I’m out of “vacation” and have to go back to “work”. So tomorrow morning I’m heading back home. I work Mon – Wed and will be back down mid morning on Thursday. Those of you hunting during this time will be getting a call from your guide. If you don’t hear from them you can always call my cell 563-419-3572 or Brad 563-380-7122.