OK Morning – Good Afternoon

Changing wind direction was the name of the game today. The guides did a lot of side shooting. The morning was slow to OK hunting for most of the fields. The mid to late day was pretty good.  Our high field shot 62 and our low field shot 29. That is a very good day. It has really been one heck of a year. Very little slow hunting and a lot of above average to great hunting. Those of you hunting this year have to remember that this is an exceptional year. Hunting that is this good consistently only comes around once every few years. Enjoy and have fun.

Just a heads up for those hunting March 11-18. Remember daylights saving starts this weekend “spring your clock forward an hour.”  Meeting time will change from 4:30 to 5:30 am on your first day’s hunt for those hunting 3/12/18 to 3/18/18.

If anybody wants to get in on a hunt yet this year we have room March 16-18. We think it is going to be really good given the forecast and how far the migration is behind most years. Snows are scattered out from Southern South Dakota all the way down to Louisana. There are a lot of juvy’s this year. The tail end is going to be sick!