Zero to Hero – You Just Never Know

You just never know how a day will turn out until its over. The last couple of days the weather has been not ideal for snow goose hunting. I always tell people “you just never know”. Today was a fine example of that. The high field shot 126 snow geese. This field shot a zero yesterday. We have seen this play out a number of times over the years. As long as you are in the field there is always hope. The low field today shot only 4.  Overall other than the low field, hunting improved today with the lighter wind (15 mph rather than 40). It looks like now until our last hunt on March 18 the weather will continue to warm and that should get the migration that has been stalled the last few days back underway. We have open dates that we would like to fill if any of you are interested in booking a hunt we would love to see you. Call 563-380-7122 and Brad will take care of you.