Feb 21 – When You Hunt Waterfowl At Some Point You’re Going To Get Wet

Our guide Jim is kind of known for his one liners. One of those is “If you hunt waterfowl at some point you’re going to get wet”. They got wet today from rain showers. Even though it was a south wind birds generally don’t migrate when it rains. Instead they usually set in a field all day. If you are in an area close to several feeds you can do well on birds trading back and forth between feeds. Today we were on the low side of average. The two fields shot 10 & 14. Neither saw many birds. There is a good number of birds south of us yet so I expect the first day we have a strong south wind we will have a good day. I drove a trailer load of equipment back home yesterday. As soon as I post this I will hit the road for the 11-hour drive back.