Feb 23 – Guide’s Spring Snow Goose Hunt

It has really been a while since our guides have been able to hunt spring snow geese as a group. The weather, a move, or other reasons just didn’t allow it to happen. Today we were able to do it and we had a blast. We had one group still hunting so after the guided picked the field he wanted to hunt we chose one of the two remaining options. We didn’t have a ton of shooting but what came in range landed belly up in the decoys. We shot 89 snow geese with a band. The group that hunted the field we wanted to go to shot 13. Go figure. There is always a little luck involved on these spring snow goose hunt. 

Tomorrow we will hunt until noon then pull two or maybe all the snow goose decoy spreads unless it is on. When its on we don’t stop hunting. There is supposed to be a blizzard back home on Friday. Seems that my prediction came true. It wasn’t really that hard to predict after 17 years of running spring snow goose hunts. Although we call it “spring” it’s really “winter”. Winter has never been over in January or February. There sure was a lot of snow goose hunters getting worked up from the internet experts with their “all the birds are…” predictions. This storm should push birds back south in good numbers. I’ve always liked hunting reverse migrating birds. They seem to decoy better on the way back than they did on the way up.