Arkansas Lodging Finalized

I made a trip to Arkansas last week to make sure we had a place to stay and look at some of the fields we hunt. One of the farmers we lease ground from has a farm house he is renting to us. There is only room for the snow goose guides to stay in it. Those of you that are hunting should still stay at the Fair Bridge Inn and Suites. We will meet in the front parking lot of the motel. Meeting time will be posted at a later date. I can be reached on my cell phone 563-419-3572.

There were a pretty fair number of snow geese in the area. I’m not sure if what I saw will be representative of all the flocks but there was a bunch of young birds in these flocks. I have heard this from hunters in other parts of Arkansas as well. If we have a bunch of juvy’s and good weather the table could be set for a pretty good spring snow goose season.