Arkansas – FairBridge Inn & Suites

The FairBridge Inn & Suites is under new ownership and they are not nearly as friendly as the old. We have had several groups call now that say when they checked there reservations it was not there to when we booked we were told one rate and now they have almost doubled it. We ran into similar issues with our rooms. Now we are staying at a house one of our farmers rents out.

Fortunately there are a bunch of lodging options within blocks of the FairBridge. One snow goose hunter emailed yesterday he was moving to Motel 6 for $46. Another moved to the Days Inn.

I’m leaving today for AR and once I arrive I will look over the situation and post where we are going to meet each day. It may be at a gas station or parking lot for this year until I can work out some better arrangements with one of the local motels.