We Have Arrived

I made a quick turn and burn trip to AR this weekend with gear. I’m back home for a few days. Curt, Jim, and Truman also rolled into Arkansas. Today Gerald, Drew, and Brock arrived… It looks like we have the decoy setting crew ready to start poking decoys in the ground.

Field conditions were dry…really dry, actually. Today they got a real good shot of rain that filled the ditches. We want some water, without if we don’t get many staged birds. Five or six years ago, it was bone dry, and we never had many geese staged in the area. We just shot migrators that year.

Speaking of bird numbers, there are fewer than I have seen in a few years. It might have something to do with the dry conditions. Snows like to sit in the rice field sheet water, if that is the case today changed that situation. Curt and I sat at one of our fields for about an hour Sunday morning. Jim and Truman were at another. Both of us saw snow geese. There were 4 flocks of 75-100 birds that flew over our field. I’m sure we would have seen more if we sat in the field all day.