South Wind – 13 MPH – Not So Much

This morning was cold, with no wind. Depending on what field you hunted, you may or may not have had wind. The field I shot had wind from about 8:30-11:00. So had no wind all day, others didn’t have wind until the afternoon. Same with the birds, all saw plenty, others didn’t see too many.  Our forecasted weather was 50 degrees with a south wind at 13 mph. We didn’t see much if any of that. We were also expecting to see more migration, but there wasn’t too strong of a push.

We got band number 3 for the year! The bird was banded as an adult in 2014, making it at least 7. It is the youngest of the banded birds so far this year. The high field shot 18 while the low field shot 1. Half of the fields were in the teen’s the other half was in single digits. We have had a lot of so-so hunting this past week.

We are looking forward to a change, and it will, we don’t know when.  The weather this year has been odd compared to most spring seasons we have hunted in Arkansas. The migration feels behind schedule.