Day 1 Iowa

The first day of our Iowa hunting would fall into the slow category. There are a bunch of birds, but we were sword fighting with mean adults. The guides that I talked to said they saw plenty, but no wind in the morning hurt them. The high field shot ten, and our low field shot 1. I ran all of the extra equipment that we used or was our spare gear in AR back home yesterday. In AR, we have a storage unit to get it out of our way. In Iowa, we are at a motel, so it’s kind of in the way. In the worst case, I can have the gear back in a matter of 12 hours, less if I meet someone halfway. I will head back down early tomorrow morning; I didn’t know it, but the kids have a school event today that they want me to see, it’s easy when I’m this close to home to see that stuff. 

The weather forecast looks excellent for the next number of days. It calls for very little rain with temps in the 50’s & 60’s. We have space for two hunters March 6-8 and a full field on March 13-15. These are an excellent timeframe with a great weather forecast. Call 563-380-7122 if you want to get in on a last-minute hunt.