Feb 28-March 2 & March 3-6 Snow Goose Hunters

Feb 28-March 2: The odds of me postponing your snow goose hunt is pretty high. The temps this weekend in addition to 2-4 inches of snow we are suppose to get Sat into Sun will almost certainly push all of the birds out of the area. There are less bird yesterday than the day before and I bet that trend continues as the temps fall and the little water that is open turns hard again.

Because of this I’m added dates to the end of our schedule so that groups can move. I understand that not everybody is going to be able to move but those that can we have options for you: March 17-23. I will be calling you guys.

March 3-6:  Your forecast doesn’t look much better than the weekend hunters. If you have flexibility you should move your dates to March 17-20.

Moving locations is not much of an option for us this late in the season as someone somewhere is going to have either dates cancelled or have to move. The best option for everyone is moving your snow goose hunt to a later date. The weather has been brutal this year.