Setting Snow Goose Decoy Spreads Today

Today we set decoy spreads…my goal was 6. If it hadn’t started lightning we would have gotten all 6 spreads set. It is tough conditions as the ground is still frozen.

I have heard the refuge count was 18,000 but I have no way of verifying it. To me it looked more like 30-40K. Either way there are not a ton of snow geese in the area right now. I don’t think tomorrow will add too many to the refuge but the rain will likely aid in melting the ice. Friday looks to be a good day.

There is a pretty major snow storm headed to the north of us so anybody traveling should check the weather on your travel route.

It may be a good idea to bring waders just in case. One of the snow goose guides weather app say we are suppose to get up to 1.8 inches of rain…if that holds true it will be muddy.