1.2 Million Snow Geese On Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

Lots of birds here right now. Hunting remains good. We ran two fields yesterday. The full day field shot 40 and the other had 24 by 10 am when they left the snow goose decoys.

Funny thing happened while the guys were setting the decoys in a field. A ross goose flew into the field crashing dead about 100 yards away from the snow goose decoys. One of the snow goose guides drove over to it with the ATV and discovered it was BANDED! What are the odds of that? Nobody hunting near them, they never heard a shot, and we couldn’t find where it had been wounded. Banded in 1999. That is a 10 year old ross goose which is also the first year of the conservation order. How many spreads has this guy has seen?