USFWS 2013 Snow Goose Status

On July 24, 2013 the USFWS released it 2013 Waterfowl Population Status. The Mid-Continent Population Snow Geese and Ross Geese are the birds we hunt the most but I do like to pay attention to the West Central Population as well because I believe they mix to some extent with the birds we hunt. Below is a summary of the light goose hatch.

Ross Geese: Production of goslings in 2013 is expected to be higher than average and similar to 2012.

Mid-Continent Population (MCP): The weather conditions on the breeding ground were average. Overall they suggest an average fall flight with a low proportion of young.  I’m not really sure what this mean because to me it seems somewhat contradictory. They don’t go into as much detail in a pretty short paragraph about the MCP birds this year. In 2012 they were predicting a below average fall flight with a low proportion of young. I’m assuming this means we are no worse off than last year and maybe better off.

West Central Population (WCP): Biologists expected WCFP snow goose production in 2013 to be above average.

It would appear that the 2014 Spring Snow Goose Season (2013 hatch) could be similar to the 2013 Spring Season. I was pretty pleased with the overall hunting in 2013 and I wouldn’t be disappointed with another year of similar results especially if the weather is average without a lot of cold and snow.