The Weather Or The Hatch?

The 2014 spring season proved without a doubt that the number one factor in the success of spring snow goose hunters is the weather. It has been often debated which has the biggest influence in hunting success. Is it the snow goose hatch or the weather during the snow goose season? We have always said we would rather have good weather and a poor snow goose hatch rather than poor weather and a good hatch. The reason for this is simple. The good hatch theory is based on the fact that juvy snow geese decoy better. While we agree with that it is also a fact that these young bird don’t take the cold weather. When we have snow and cold the first to leave are the juvy snow geese. What you are left with the big old mature birds. Every bird in the flock will make a beautiful trophy to mount but these older class birds are the toughest of the tough to hunt. These are the old birds that have been hunted 9-10 months a year for a decade or better.