2015 Spring Snow Goose Season Outlook

I sometimes wonder if the snow goose population is so large today that every year will be considered a good hatch. I have largely remained silent on this years snow goose hatch because frankly I fear my hunters are going to start thinking I’m the boy who cried wolf. The snow goose hunting reports I got from Canada this fall were mixed. Some did very well and others not so much. Within the last week though I have gotten two reports from two people I consider very credible. The first was Up North Outdoors snow goose guide Tryg Koch. He and friends hunted and slammed the snow geese. He said lots of juvy’s. The more recent call was yesterday for a very close guide friend. They have had really good fall hunting and yesterday day eclipsed the century mark with in-your-face flocks of juvy’s. It is hard to say if this a representative of the entire flock or if he has a pocket of “good” birds. His quote was “if there is this many juvy’s in the entire flock it is going to be a very good spring snow goose season.”