Lodging for those hunting Feb 4-7

Days Inn Trumann
400 Commerce Dr, Trumann, AR
(870) 483-8383

This is where we are going to have our hunters stay for the Feb 4-7 hunts. It is a nice newer motel and located about half way between the fields we have lined up. I still don’t know if this is where we are going to have everybody stay for the entire time yet. There is one other motel option in town that we are going to look at today. It looks like an older motel but it’s a little cheaper…as with anything cheaper is not always better…so we need to take a look at it before making a recommendation. If the motel checks out we will likely be staying at it just to keep the expenses down. In the last two days I have put 1400 miles on my truck. There are three others putting similar mileage on as well. Where we are seeing the most birds is in the middle of nowhere. Truman is the best option for now. I’m still not done driving yet.

There are a ton of birds in the area right now. Feeds of 5-15,000 birds are very common. We found one feed that stretched for 3 miles. I would have a hard time guessing how many were in there. It looks like this week should be good weather for groups of migrators to start moving up. The flight birds we have been seeing are coming from the north or west. I’m not sure if these are new birds or if they are birds that have been here wintering. I have several guides down here that I trust and all of them are saying these birds act different down here. They jump around…you’ll be covered up with them…then they seem to be gone…a couple days later they are back in force again. This is exactly what we have seen so far down here.