Missouri – Mound City

We have been hunting in both Mound City and Arkansas the last few days. After seeing the refuge count was over a million snows I left Arkansas for Mound City, Missouri. There are a lot of snow geese in the area…lots. Yesterday we shot 69 with a double banded snow that had a $100 reward. Today the same groups got 31 and a banded Ross. Many of the snow goose guides rolled into town today. We are doing the finishing work and should have the fields set by Monday. There are a lot of loose ended that need to be tied up.

Arkansas is still going strong. Yesterday we shot 34 and today 37. Tomorrow is our last day of snow goose hunting down there for the year. It has been awesome!

On a side note I’m having some computer issues posting on this page. I hope to have it worked out soon. Once that is done I will post more often.