Missouri – Thursdays Weather

I know a number of you have been following the snow storm that is headed our way. As usual the weatherman can’t tell us with any certainty what is going to happen. Two days ago they were saying 4 inches of snow…not too bad. Yesterday they were saying 11 inches and now today they have backed it off to 6 or 7 inches. We will be hunting those that make it here. If you can’t make the trip due to the heavy snow let me know…we’ll work with you. Weather isn’t our fault nor is it yours. It is part of snow goose hunting during this spring season from time to time. It sounds like the weather will start tomorrow night and the main storm will be on Thursday.

Yesterday the weather was cold and windy. We shot 188 birds. High field was 79 and the low field was 13. Average was 37.5…good day.