Weather Outlook

Exceptional hunting continues. This year is going to ruin the expectations of a lot of new snow goose hunters. I’ve never seen anything like this year in the past 18 seasons of guiding snow goose hunters. Truly a special year. Today’s high field was 117 snow geese and the low field shot 33. It is a shame that this is the week of our lightest booking of the year. Two of my guides that are off decided to do a solo hunting contest between the two of them. One shot 61, the other shot 37. Loser bought winners evening meal.

To this weekend: Ya there is some rain in the forecast and a couple groups are asking about moving dates. With the hunting we have been seeing lately I wouldn’t. There is no guarantee that hunting in Iowa will be this good. It might be a little wet but come prepared. Bring waders. We have been saying this most of the spring but yet there is a number of people that show up without them. Some end up buying waders while other just don’t hunt much on the days they are in the wetter fields. When you hunt waterfowl sometimes it is going to involve water. Make the most of your hunt on this exceptional year by coming prepared. I don’t know if the weather forecast will come true or not. The weatherman is wrong about as much as he is right. Today was supposed to rain all day. It is raining while I’m typing this post but today was a beautiful 74-degree day.  It was a great day.  We will try to accommodate those wanting to move but I wouldn’t if I were you.