Rain Today – Weekend Outlook

Today it rained a lot (.9 inches 45° temp). There is water everywhere in the fields and over the roads in some places (typical and drains good). It wasn’t the down pouring rain we saw the other day but more of a steady rain all day. Two of the groups called saying they were not hunting. One group hunted to mid-morning shooting 4 snow geese before they got cold and went back to the motel. The final group only half of them hunted but Coach, Mike, and guide Jim finished the day with 21. Jim said the snows that worked were right in your face. Twenty-one is an average snow goose hunt. Coach is in his mid 70’s. He shows that if you dress for the weather you can hunt all day in a little bit of rain. You will need to bring waders to stay comfortable for those hunting this weekend. DNW Sports Shop, Walmart, and Academy Sports all sell them in Jonesboro. Rain is in the forecast Thu (.25 rain – 55°), Fri (.50 – 62°), and Sat (1.4 – 70°). Saturday looks to be the only day where the amount might give us some issues but it is going to be 70°. Sunday looks to be a very nice dry day. Friday I’m running a trailer load of gear up to Iowa after meeting the hunters in the morning and will return by mid-day Saturday.