Mass Migration

The snow geese moved in mass today. A strong wind out of the south made for a massive push north. We were kind of expecting to see something like this at some point since we felt the migration was behind other years at this point. Midday the bird stopped pushing.

Hunting today was exceptional. The high field shot 71 snow geese and low field shot 33. It’s a good day when your low field is 33. This is an exceptional year. We have some dates next week Arkansas and a few in Iowa. This is the year to try it if you ever wanted to hunt snow geese.

I had to drop down to into Missouri to meet with one of our farmers so I decide to see if the Valentine’s birds arrived yet. Here is a picture from Big Lake. We hunted this area for years and almost every year the first birds started showing up about Feb 14. These arrived on Feb 13 I was told.