Sunsets On Our Arkansas Hunts

The sun has set on our 2018 Arkansas hunts. The last three days of hunting turned out to be a challenge. The rain Saturday night made the road from the house we rent impassable and the field a mess with standing water in the blinds. Once it got light I went for an ATV ride and found a way to get to the highway down 3 miles of levee roads that allowed us to be able to hunt one group. They shot 21 snow geese. We are very thankful for the understanding and grace the groups in camp gave us on Sunday. The weather is out of our control.

We finished the year in Arkansas with 4765 snow geese harvested. Two wore leg bands and 3 were blue phase ross geese which are pretty rare. Had it not been for the miserable weather the last few days we would have surely passed 5000. The weather is the most critical component of success in the spring. The overall average was 29.8 bird/field/day. In 2017 our we shot 3277 snow geese with a 19.5 bird/field/day average. Most springs our overall average is right around 20 +/- a bird or two. This year is truly one of the better spring seasons.