Holy Buckets!

Oh, boy did it rain this morning. It flat out poured rain. I’m not sure of the total but one of the guides has a tub on his quad and it had 2-3 inches of water in it at 8 am. It rained until around 11. Most of the groups went to the field, got wet, got cold, and then left for the day. It was pretty miserable conditions in the AM. A couple fields hunkered down all day. A couple made the likely best decision by waiting until the rain stopped to hunt. Once it stopped the geese flew. The high field was 22 and low field shot a zero. It was a slower day but giving the weather you can’t expect to pound them.

It is muddy – bring waders. Preferably waders without holes. We are not sitting in standing water…Ok, that is not true, sometimes we are…like today.  You will enjoy yourself a lot more if you can stay warm and dry.