It’s Been An Interesting 48 hours

We knew it was going to rain going into this weekend so Thursday night after the groups were done hunting we pulled and moved one of the spreads to higher ground. It was set on a drainage ditch what was already full of water. It was pouring rain while we were doing the move. We were thinking if this rain keeps up we may get more than the inch forecasted. It did and we did. I’m not sure of the exact amount but talking with our farmers they are saying anywhere for 3-4 inches. We woke up Friday morning to an ocean of water everywhere. Two of the decoy spreads we couldn’t get to because of water over the road. Once it got light we determined one was accessible and the other we can get to today. Everything in this part of Arkansas is geared for growing rice. The fields have been graded level to optimized the irrigation of the crops. It normally drains fast once the rain stops. We had two groups that were hunting just Sat/Sun that we asked to move. This allowed us to combine groups down to allow us to hunt those in town right now even though we couldn’t get to one of the fields on Friday and we were unsure when we would be able to get to it. All in all, things have come together pretty good even after all of the curve balls thrown at us in the last 48 hours. Things normally work out.

Hunting success the last couple days has been average with a few slow fields. We have not seen a big migration push in a few days. There are a lot of birds south of us yet and we are hoping Sunday with the break in the rain we will finally see birds rolling north again. High field the last two days is 21. The low field was 1. Average was 14 snows/field/day. It’s slower than it has been but this year has been a very good year. Average¬†hunting is teens and twenties on a normal year.

The picture is of one of the roads getting to our house, not a lake.