First Guided Snow Goose Hunt 2/21/2011

70_trygfeb212The 2011 season is 21 days old and snow goose hunting has been stellar. I’m getting reports of superior hunting from hard core snow goose killers. One in particular told me in 2010 that these were the toughest birds he had seen and they were. Today he told me he has never seen a year with such good working birds and if today was any indication he is right again.  The birds are working extremely close this year. As you can see from the picture we had some pretty happy snow goose hunters today.

Give me a call and get in the field this year on a spring snow goose hunt. If you have always wanted to do this…it doesn’t get better than this year. I doubt we will see another year like this one for some time. I still have awesome dates open in both Missouri and South Dakota but there is a limited number of them. Make sure you are the one telling the “you should have seen the hunting in 2011” story not the one listening to it. Space is limited…call us today and get a 2011 hunt booked. Don’t miss this year.