Wrapping up loose ends

The last two days 6 of us have been setting the snow goose decoy spreads. The last one goes in today. One of our field still has a little mud but all of the rest are dry dirt.

The forecast is calling for some Snow/Ice Thursday and Sunday with a little colder temps than what we have been seeing. I have heard rumors that there is 300,000 snow geese on the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. I believe it…there was some big wave flying over us as we set field last night.

Wish we had more groups in this week. Today the one we are running shot 24. There are a lot of juvy’s in these front birds but juvy’s don’t like snow too much. We will see how the predicted snow will effect us. We have decoys in the ground, birds on the refuge, let hunt and see what happens…then we’ll know.