Forecast has been revised…up

Tonight Feb 12 Partly Cloudy 29°
Sun Feb 13 Partly Cloudy 53°/30°
Mon Feb 14 Sunny 48°/30°
Tue Feb 15 Mostly Cloudy 49°/36°
Wed Feb 16 Mostly Sunny 58°/47°
Thu Feb 17 Partly Cloudy 62°/47°
Fri Feb 18 Sunny 53°/25°
Sat Feb 19 Mostly Cloudy 38°/27°
Sun Feb 20 Mostly Cloudy 41°/26°
Mon Feb 21 Sunny 39°/25°

Here is the latest weather forecast. I’m predicting there will a push of snows into NW Missouri. While driving around today there was definitely a bunch of song birds that hadn’t been here until today. I would expect to see snows this week.

Unfortunately UPS has to have me back this coming week due to an injury of another driver. This kind of scrapped my plans to hunt prior guiding. I guess Jim, Billy, and Adam will be on there own this week.

Tomorrow we drop the ice eater into the pond to start opening it up. I suspect that with near 60° weather we should be able to get a nice open hole in no time.