Snow Goose Hunts – First Day In The Field

Jim, Billy, and Adam hunted today but not as early as planned. They pulled the ice eater from the pond and on the way back a tie rod on Billy’s truck broke. I don’t think they hit the field until about 10:30. They ended up shooting average day of 20 snows. Not bad. There is not a ton of snow geese in the area  yet but there is enough to have an average day of 20 birds. I would suspect that we will keep getting more birds through Sunday. All of the birds worked very tight to the snow goose decoys. That is a big change from last years spring spring snow goose season.

The guys down south are pounding the snow geese. One of my friends said he has never seen a year like this…so many juvy’s so early….what is the tail end of the migration going to be like? It is going to be a good spring if this continues.