Those hunting 3/24-3/27:

Those scheduled to hunt snow geese this coming weekend need to talk with me before you leave for your hunt.

The area that we normally hunt doesn’t have a large number of birds in it currently. The closest place with good numbers is about 50 miles to the south of us but it is extremely wet…the worst I have ever seen in SD. To make matters worse they are calling for 6-8 inches of snow between tonight and Wed. None of this is good. We have fields lined up in the area where there are birds but what this snow will do to them is unclear. Not to mention if I move I would like to move into a better situation. Temps through Sunday look to hover in the low to mid 20’s and at night are in the low to mid teens. I think all of you that are hunting this weekend will be much better served moving back to a later date. Sometimes you just can’t fight Mother Nature.

This approaching storm is suppose to dump 12-18 inches of snow in ND and from the snow cover map it appears that there is already 24 inches or more on the ground north of us. I don’t see these birds just blowing through here in a few days. My feeling is there will be enough to hunt until April 10 given the 10 day forecast.

Those hunting March 28 week plan on hunting as scheduled. .