3/6 Hunting

Today’s hunting (3/6) was a little slower than the previous 4 but the average was normal. We had two fields that shot 39 birds. My field we shot 24 and got a white neck collared Ross. That is the first neck color we have shot since the 2009 spring. We didn’t get one in 2010. We also shot two leg bands. That makes 10 for the year with 2300 snow geese harvested.

The weather forecast is not the best for the next few days. Rain or rain/snow/sleet mix is forecasted. The Squaw Creek Refuge remains loaded but the snow geese are high flyers feeding many miles from the refuge. We’ll see if this weather will make the bird feed closer.

The rainwater basin is supposed to get 15 inches of snow. I expect to see a reverse migration if that play out. Birds are as far north as southern South Dakota.