2009 Spring Snow Goose Season Is In The Books

I would like to thank all of you that hunted with us this year. The 2009 didn’t live up to the hype however it was still pretty good.

Missouri snow goose hunting was the best we have ever had there. A couple of snow storms raised a little havoc with us but overall we shot 4663 snow geese in Missouri which is about 800 more than our best year. High field was 216 with 588 birds shot that day. Both of these are bests for us.

South Dakota snow goose hunting was slow the first week and average hunting the rest of the time. High field was 80 with several 30-40 bird days but it wasn’t nearly as good as it has been other years for us. There was a lot of snow in South Dakota this year. Snow geese in snow is usually not a great combo.

With SD and MO it looks like we shot between 5400-5500 snow geese this year. I still need to look over the numbers to make sure there are no errors but it everything is correct this would make it our second best year.

Those looking to hunt the 2010 snow goose season may want to get dates locked in now. Some of my March weekends are booked. If that is when you are interested in hunting I wouldn’t wait too long.

Once again thanks for the business and hope to see you all in 2010.