2011’s In The Books

The 2011 spring snow goose season is in the books. It was a much better year than 2010. Total harvest was 5366 snow geese. We shot 11 leg bands and one white neck collar.

Missouri Recap: 4289 snows were shot on our Missouri spring snow goose hunts (23 bird/field/day average). High field was 130 and we had a couple of 0’s. For the second year in a row some of our best hunting was when we had very few hunters. I keep reminding everybody that you will never be able to our guess the snow goose migration. The last couple of years we have seen a trend of groups wanting to hunt later and later. There is some very good hunting early that is getting missed by you guys. The tail end of Missouri was rather disappointing this year. Maybe I was expecting too much as the hunting was not bad but we never really saw the large juvy snow goose flocks at the tail end this year. I’m not sure where all the juvy’s were. My suspicion is that the hatch was not as good as touted. It’s also apparent that there is getting to be more and more pressure on the late birds as there was no shortage of decoy spreads in either Missouri or South Dakota at the tail end.

South Dakota Recap: 1077 snow geese were shot in South Dakota (31 birds/field/day average). High field was 64 and low field was 2. Birds were late arriving in northeast South Dakota. We pushed back as many hunters as we could but two groups were already in route when I called so we pulled up stakes and moved them to Mitchell, SD. It was difficult lining up ground down there but we actually pulled off some rather good hunts. By the second weekend the birds were about 75 miles south of the lodge so we based out of there and drove down. It was not my first choice but it was the best option at the time. We ran 3 or 4 days down south. The last week of hunters we ran by the lodge. There was a lot of windshield time this year but it paid off. South Dakota was very consistent steady hunting this year.

We are taking bookings for 2012 Spring Snow Goose Hunts. Currently we have about 40% of the dates filled in Missouri. Look forwards to hearing from you. Thanks for another safe and successful season.