2013 Update

I’ve been on the road since Monday. Lots of miles.

On Tuesday there was a push of birds north up to Mound City. There had to be about 50-60K on Squaw Creek Refuge Tuesday afternoon. It would have been a good day to be in the field. We saw flocks all day as we worked around the houses. They were calling for 1-4 inches of snow and blizzard like conditions so we left Tuesday night for Arkansas.

We arrive in Arkansas Wednesday mid-day. I had been getting good reports of bird numbers in the area. After driving around we didn’t see much. It was really windy so they may have been just tucked out of the wind somewhere or they may have been the bird that pushed north on Tuesday although Tuesday night the roost was full in Arkansas and on Wednesday there was nothing.

We’ll find them…it just takes a few tanks of gas to do it. Arkansas has a lot of water so they can be about anywhere.