2017 Snow Goose Hunting Report

First band of the year!

Day 2 of the 2017 spring snow goose season was another good one. Snow goose hunting is all about peaks and valleys. We are on a peak now. All we are getting is migrators. There is very few staged birds around. I see Mound City, MO is reporting 150,000 snow geese. It’s a bit early for them up there however it is not unheard of. When we started the decoy company we did our very first Deadly Decoy hunt on Feb 1, 2006. There was about 50-60,000 bird there and we shot thirty some. I still believe that February will bring some winter back to the Midwest. 

We have some room left. If you would like to get out, we would love to show you what we do. Call Brad at 563-380-7122 and he will give you all your options. www.huntupnorth.com