2017 Spring Snow Goose Hunting Reports

We have been in Arkansas for a few days looking at fields and talking with farmers getting things ready for our spring snow goose hunts. Right off the bat it is wetter than last year. You might want to bring waders just in case you are in a muddy field. If you don’t need them it isn’t a big deal that you brought them. If you need them and don’t have any you might regret it. Last spring it was very dry and I believe we didn’t hold many staged birds because of lack of water. We shouldn’t have that problem this year.

The migration is ahead of most years. For about two weeks there has been snow geese heading north. Before you guys start calling about your dates…hold your breath and count to 10. The migration will play out how it does. It is Jan 25. I’m no meteorologist but odd are there is going to be one or more snow events yet this year. One big storm will reset the clock back to normal or even put it behind schedule. If we feel there is any changes needed on hunt dates or locations, you will hear from us. Right now, we are seeing plenty of birds. There will be peaks and valleys to this year just like there has been on every one of the last 16 years we have guided. Get ready for the ride. This is what we wait for all year.

Today we will start setting fields.

One last thing. Brad said he has had several calls recently asking how we handle the snow goose bands. If it is obvious who shot the bird that person get to keep it. If it is not obvious then we do a band draw. At no time does the guide get to keep the band unless he obviously shot the bird which has only happened a few times in 16 years. Other than this exception the guide doesn’t keep the band and we don’t get into the band draw. Why would we make someone mad over a band who have paid us $600 for a hunt when we could (we don’t) buy them all day long on eBay for $10 or less. Never made sense to me.

The above picture is of our guide Curt with one of those exceptions from 2012 spring season. His guys went to lunch while they were gone a flock of migrators dumped in and Curt shot this blue in the collar blowing it off the bird. Curt was the only one in the field. That’s obvious!