Cold Snap


Today was cold. It was very apparent that some of the birds pushed south with the cold. The large numbers of juvy’s we have been wearing out were replaced by fewer flocks of mostly adults. Rather than being smaller feeds here and there we are now seeing massive feeds in just a few spots. Today hunters ranged from a low of 6 to a high of 36 birds harvested. Our average was 18 birds/day/field. That is the lowest daily average we have had this season. It was expected with the change to cold weather.

Tonight we are supposed to get a good coating of ice. For those hunting tomorrow, plan on meeting at the time you set up with your guide unless the roads are bad.  If they are bad then call him. We can wait until conditions approve to head to the field. We had one of our groups of hunters get into a minor accident last spring (not due to weather). It sucked for the guys and I don’t want anyone else to repeat it. Better safe than sorry. Please be safe in the morning.

Some of you have been asking about field conditions. All but one field is in really good shape. The one that is muddy isn’t terrible but the above picture is what the blinds look like. It is in a good spot, has been producing when hunted, and is only needed a day here and there. It has been worth the hassle when hunted.  It is pouring rain as I’m typing this post. Bring some wet/muddy weather gear. If you don’t need it you will not be out anything. If you do need it the hunting with be much more enjoyable.