A Little Better Day

Hunting was a little better than yesterday. Our high field was 15, and the low field shot 3. The low field moved midday to a new set up. If they had hunted it all day, I think they would have shot a few more. The high field was lower than the last couple of days, but our total kill was more.

Our rigs in what we consider migration flight lines have been pretty inconsistent this last week. The fields closer to the staged birds are doing better, but earlier, it was the opposite. Iowa is playing out much like Arkansas, fair hunting – not our best year, not even close to our worst. Really, hunting has been average overall. Tomorrow is the last day for these 4-day hunters. The weekend we only have a couple of groups. Friday, we will start pulling decoys, so they don’t get snowed on Friday night into Saturday morning if the weather forecast is correct.